The Special Ed Files

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If you’re touched in any way by the life of a child with a disability, this podcast is for you. Each week, hosts Julie Swanson and Jennifer Laviano pull back the curtain on what really happens in special education. The Special Ed Files will explore real-world examples in special education, explain where mistakes were made, explain where the law was violated, and help listeners avoid making these mistakes. The podcast hopes to demystify the federal law that governs special education, and change the lives of children with disabilities by empowering the adults who work with them. 
This podcast is a production of the Quinnipiac University Podcast Studio, and the first season was produced by Bryan Murphy. The second season is produced by Paul Ashton. To learn more about Julie and Jen’s work, visit Executive producer is David DesRoches, director of community programming. 

About Julie Swanson and Jennifer Laviano

Julie Swanson and Jennifer Laviano, authors of Your Special Education Rights: What Your School District Isn’t Telling You, are the one-two punch of all things special education.  Julie, is a special education advocate and a parent of a child with a disability and Jen is a special education attorney.  Together, they provide the perfect combination of knowledge, passion and wit!

Jen and Julie’s mission is to help parents understand their special education rights to increase outcomes for their children.  But they don’t stop there, they also want school districts and educators to understand their legal obligations to special education students. Their podcast, The Special Ed Files, jumps off from their book and delves into real life special education stories with the purpose of helping parents and school districts avoid critical mistakes.