Isolated Together

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We’ll be looking at every conceivable angle related to the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath — that includes the serious stuff, and the stuff we can laugh at. One day we might talk to health care workers and people who have recovered from the virus and their families, and look at the health care system and its struggles. The next day, we might dig up tips and tricks for being creative in a world without toilet paper, or mayonnaise. We’re gonna explore the problems with testing, and we’ll be interviewing epidemiologists, virologists, biostatisticians, public health experts, and regular folks like you and me. How do you keep your hands moisturized after washing them 30 times a day? We also want to take a critical look at media coverage of this pandemic, as well as the impact of social media misinformation and disinformation. Clear, accurate, and contextual information is more important now than ever before. 
Isolated Together is a production of the Quinnipiac University Podcast Studio, and is hosted by David DesRoches, director of community programming. 

About David DesRoches

David DesRoches is Quinnipiac University’s director of community programming, where he manages and hosts a network of podcasts. He is also an adjunct professor who teaches Audio Storytelling and Advanced Podcasting.

As a podcaster at the university, he’s hosted several podcasts including Isolated Together, about life during the pandemic, and also Baffled with David DesRoches, which is taking a critical look at the practice of journalism.

He worked for a decade as a journalist, with half his time spent with WNPR, the NPR member station in Hartford, Connecticut. His reporting has appeared nationally and internationally, earning him over two-dozen awards, including twice being named New England’s “Reporter of the Year” and being added to Connecticut Magazine’s “40 Under 40” list in 2015. He’s hosted live talk shows as well as the flagship NPR programs “All Things Considered” and “Morning Edition.”

He’s also a musician who loves rye Manhattans, cheese, and mudita. Sometimes he wishes upon a star, but then he remembers: that’s dumb.