Fluid Truth

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Fluid Truth with attorney Shirley Skyers-Thomas is a collection of stories and conversations that attempt to answer the question: Is there equity in the justice system? 
Guests share their encounters with the justice system, and in hearing these stories, we are given a glimpse into another person’s truth, for just a moment.  We all have our own truth. It’s not absolute – it’s fluid. 
The podcast is a production of the Quinnipiac University Podcast Studio, and is produced by Johnny Marquardt . The executive producer is David DesRoches. 

About Shirley Skyers-Thomas

Shirley Skyers-Thomas is an attorney and advocate with a strong interest in social justice. She has represented a diverse group of legislators, children, youth, parents and educational organizations, in civil and criminal matters. As a legal representative, she works at the Connecticut General Assembly.  She works on varying aspects that move legislation and public policy forward with an eye to enhancing sustainable and equitable law and policies.  Additionally, she is an Adjunct Instructor and Podcast host at Quinnipiac University.  She became interested in podcasting to engage in the expanding social justice discussion.  She believes that we can learn from each other’s perspectives and stories, and podcasting allows for such conversation.  Additionally, she is associated with the firm, Skyers, Skyers & Harrell, LLC in Bridgeport, a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. and a member of The Links, Inc.