The Anthrophiles

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Have you ever thought about how fascinating human cultures around the world are? Past AND Present? Or wondered about how we evolved, look so different, or even what skeletons can tell us about peoples’ lives and our history? Or how we humans interact with our environment or obtain our food? Well, we do! We are anthropology students at Quinnipiac University and want to explore all things human through the field of anthropology.Join us as we discuss human cultures, biology, archaeology, language – and all the things humans do and have done throughout history. 
This podcast is a partnership production with the Quinnipiac University Podcast Studio.

About the Hosts

Podcasting has been an amazing way to share my love of anthropology with the world! Together, we have learned how to research, write scripts, engage in conversation, produce, and promote our podcast. Our episodes cover topics that we enjoy and think our audience can learn from. – Katrina Manzari 

Creating the Anthrophiles podcast with Sarah, Katrina, and Professor Reedy has been one of the most rewarding parts of my college experience. I have always enjoyed listening to podcasts, so it was really exciting to be able to create one of our own. – Emily Blanchette

I love being able to research my topic and share that information with Katrina, Emily, and our listeners. Anthropology is such a broad field, which allows us to explore and learn about a variety of subjects while also having open conversations regarding topics such as ethics, representation, and more! – Sarah Sewell

Podcasts are an excellent form of communication and learning. Our students and faculty have a great opportunity to share their passions with the world! The Anthrophiles has been a fun project and collaboration for our team. – Professor Sarah Reedy