One to Go

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The sport of auto racing, or any sport for that matter, tends to focus on the stars. The drivers or the players. Sometimes though, the biggest factors in any sport go on behind the scenes as well. The ‘One to Go’ podcast takes you through different facets of New England Short Track Racing from former scorers, to broadcasters, to sibling rivalries, and more! 

About Bonssa Tufa

I’ve been a huge racing fan for 17 years, and work at Stafford Speedway. I’ve seen what goes on behind the scenes, while learning the history of the race track and the people involved. Podcasts are some of the best ways to have people tell their stories in short-form or for a full hour, while still keeping the viewer or listener engaged as they learn more about a person and/or what goes on behind the scenes. There’s very few mediums like it.