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Fluid Truth

Fluid Truth with attorney Shirley Skyers-Thomas is a collection of stories and conversations that attempt to answer the question: Is there equity in the justice system? 
Guests share their encounters with the justice system, and in hearing these stories, we are given a glimpse into another person’s truth, for just a moment.  We all have our own truth. It’s not absolute – it’s fluid. 

Baffled with David DesRoches

Do you ever wonder why journalists do the things they do? Why do they focus on one thing and ignore another? Should journalists be champions of democracy or does that impede their objectivity? Why do they pretend to be unbiased? And why do they care so much about awards? Baffled with David DesRoches just might have some answers. You might not agree with them, and that’s the point — to start a dialogue about this important industry. Hosted by an award-winning journalist (see that?), this podcast explores those moments when we consume media and say to ourselves, “Huh?” The goal is to offer thoughts on improving journalism and the media industry, and to also help non-journalists better understand the reporting process. In an era when distrust is as common as a cold, the need for podcasts like this cannot be overstated. So go and start one yourself!